When do elderly people lose their youth?

http://www.daughterlycare.com.auMany of us direct our intentions to ensure that we enjoy a convenient stress-free healthy elderly life.

But when do elderly people really lose their youth and begin to fall prey to the psychological and emotional burdens of the elderly stages of life?

Factors that make elderly people lose their youth

There are 3 great factors that influence the loss of one’s youth.

  • Stress – No matter how old one becomes or how young one still is, the amount of stress greatly affects his or her ability to deal with aging. The human body experiences increased aging due to the hormones that need to be released in a stressful environment. When such processes are repeatedly experienced, the human body can no longer undergo reversible conditions thus fall prey to aging.
  • Support and coping – No matter how great the stress that elderly people experience, as long as they have the right coping mechanisms and support sources, they will stay healthy.
  • Information – When it comes to maintaining one’s youth, the amount of information that has been acquired to deal with all possible problems of aging matters a lot. This involves gathering as much information as possible in not only dealing with the common diseases and problems of elderly life but also maintaining quality of life despite old age.

When do you say goodbye to your youth?

After everything that has been said, you can easily tell when an elderly loses his or her youth. It is the point the he or she gives up and loses hope. Seeing the world through the eyes of youthfulness is seeing it with strength, hope, and glee. No matter how harsh, depressing, or hopeless a situation, with all 3 factors mentioned above adequately provided to your elderly, they will never lose their youth and fall prey to the a disastrous aging process.

this is a guest post written by Alana Vial


5 thoughts on “When do elderly people lose their youth?

  1. This is a fabulous post! I couldn’t agree more! My mom is 77 years old and is the rock of our family. When you talk to her it is like talking to a young, strong woman. I recently read a great post by Johann Christoph Arnold titled, “Rich in Years” (http://www.richinyears.com). The book follows the same idea and teaches you how to grow old well from someone who is on the same journey. The author talks candidly about his own struggles.

  2. Nice post. It’s so true that once you start thinking there’s no hope and that you’re stuck with your situation, then that’s really the time you’ll feel super old even if you’re just in your 30s! Besides the 3 factors mentioned here, I think another important thing that affects our youth is learning. If we start feeling content with what we know and what skills we have and not attempt to learn new things, then that’s the time we really start feeling the years pass by. I recently read that learning new things such as a foreign language can even help prevent Alzheimer’s in elderly people. So, keep on learning new things in order to preserve your youth! 🙂

  3. There is a wonderful book called: A Bittersweet Season Caring for our aging parents and ourselves. By Janet Gross It was very helpful to provide some insights from someone who has been there.

  4. Hello,

    I am the marketing Manager of Daughterly Care and we do not know who Alana Vial is. She is NOT associated with our company and our CEO Kylie Lambert does NOT approve of this article.

    Please remove any association of this person with Daughterly Care and we would appreciate it if you would notify me when you have done so.

    Gaynor Parke
    Marketing Manager
    Daughterly Care

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