The Wall of Love

One of my very best friends and clients recently discovered that the breast cancer she had beaten 22 years ago had returned. She informed me that her doctor had discovered that the cancer had spread to her lung, back and bones and was inoperable and untreatable. She wound up in a rehab. center after she broke her wrist in a fall. Her small, but comfortable room had blank walls and one window with a view of the parking lot. When her daughter arrived she remarked” No way! It’s small. It’s bare and I thought I didn’t feel good here. I knew she didn’t”

So her daughter¬† decided to do something about it. She sent out an email to all her mother’s friends, family and former parishioners ( she was a retired minister). She wrote” I need your help. I want to fill the wall with all of you, The Wall of Love. Her mother had remarked that she had lost connection with people. The daughter replied” We need to remove that feeling by showing her that she is surrounded with love and support”

The response was amazing. Pictures started arriving from couples she had married, parishioners she had counseled, people she had worked with and children she had taught in Sunday school. Her daughter added some pictures from her and her husband’s past, their wedding pictures, vacation photos and other memorable events. . Now all the walls are covered from floor to ceiling with pictures and artwork from all the people who love her. She commented, “I wake up in the morning , look at the walls and see my life.”

When I met with her yesterday she asked me if I would be a part of her memorial service. She¬† wants it to be a celebration of her life. She mentioned that she wanted everyone in the church to join hands and form a big circle of love. In addition she wants to have a special part of the service just for children. She told me she has her music picked out. I looked her straight in the eyes and asked her” How do you want to be remembered? What is the legacy you want to leave behind?” She looked over my shoulder at the hundreds of pictures covering the wall and gestured. “This is my legacy. These people are my legacy”

Is there someone in your life, perhaps your mom or dad , who has lost touch with all the people who care about them? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you built them a Wall of Love. Surround them with all the pictures of people they have known in their lives, that they have touched or have touched them. Surround them with love.